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  • You need to have the ImageMagick binaries available (convert & mogrify)
  • You need to have a cache folder in your web dir, writeable by the webserver
  • Symfony 5.4/6.0+
  • PHP 8.0+

This bundle requires PHP 8.0+ and Symfony 5.4/6.0+.

Install steps#

If Symfony Flex is installed, the only thing you have to do is requiring the package with composer:

composer require leapt/im-bundle

The bundle will automatically be registered in the bundles.php file.

If Flex is not installed#

Activate the bundle#

config/bundles.php (if not automatically added by Symfony Flex)

In config/bundles.php add the following line:

Leapt\ImBundle\LeaptImBundle::class => ['all' => true],

Add routing#

Create a config/routes/leapt_im.yaml and add the following configuration:

    resource: "@LeaptImBundle/Resources/config/routing.php"